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An Image Consultant tailors fashion to the individual—not the industry. While considering current trends, an Image Consultant focuses on how to make trends work for the individual, not the other way around.
The art of dressing is more than looking good—it is being authentic and clearly communicating that through fashion and expression. Clothing, accessories, hair, grooming, and confidence are all tools to better express the individual for thefirst impressionsin life.
With our training and insight, Inside Out Image Consulting is dedicated to making sure your true self is accurately represented and grabs the right attention. Whether you’re a creative individualist, an alluring mystery, a bold leader, approachable confidant, or anything in between, we take who you are and give you an image to match.
To put it simply, an Image Consultant is a strategic stylist who is trained in the science of dressing well by considering an individual’s skin tone, body shape, and personal style. Using designated tools and techniques, along with tactical exercises that reveal an individual’s values and personality, an Image Consultant streamlines these findings into an Image Portfolio for the individual to use for the rest of his or her life.
A Personal Stylist only addresses one piece of the puzzle of dressing well— the style portion. And usually this counsel is based on general trends and a biased, creative opinion.


Image is not synonymous with vanity. Our goal is to help you identify what’s important to you, what works for you, what might not have worked in the past, and how you can use your visual appearance as another tool to communicate effectively. It’s like arming yourself with a strong vocabulary or a master’s degree— these, along with your image, are tools that help you convey your credibility and capability.

There are many transitions that we all face in life, and your image can either help or hinder you in these seasons. Many clients come to us because they are trying to adapt to a new life season and/or want to fashion to achieve their personal and professional goals.
Some examples of clients we work with are new graduates; employment or promotion-seekers; those new to dating or thriving as a single; busy moms; empty-nesters; salesmen & women; entrepreneurs; and ultimately, there are those who want to make fashion easy and look their best without a second thought.
Whatever the reason, it is a privilege to journey with our clients –learning who they are and empowering them to own it from the inside out.

Ask yourself: What difference does self-confidence make in your life? When you’re self-aware, not only of the way you look but of the messages you send with your appearance and presence, you project confidence and credibility. You earn trust. The ways this can help you are immeasurable. It can also help you save time and money. How many times have you wandered around the mall or wasted money on clothes you haven’t worn? How long does it take you to pack and is it difficult to limit yourself to one piece of luggage? Shop, pack, and dress with purpose and never second-guess yourself.

This is a common question and some stylists do prefer certain designers and styles. But this is not me. I look at each person and their total image, taking the time to learn your personality and goals. Your image and style will be unique to you alone and my mission is to help you discover how to mesh what looks good on you with what message (your signature style) you want to portray to the world.

No. Every woman has a different outlook on what she spends on her wardrobe. What you need to know is that working with me is an investment in yourself. But it is an investment that will pay off in huge dividends! You will have more confidence; learn how to shop wisely, and even save money and frustration, as most women waste money on things that don’t flatter their figures. I can help you shop and look great whether you shop at thrift and consignment stores or the top department stores and boutiques. Some women will purchase the Total Image Makeover package and some will start with one service like a Color Analysis. We will figure out the best way to approach your image goals.

That is up to you, but clients who really want to understand their best colors, styles and how to shop will invest in the total image package and subscribe to my Style Muse for ongoing training.
Statistics show that most women spend $6,000 to $8,000 on their wardrobe every five years. An estimated 80% of that is wasted while it sits in their closet or makeup drawer because it doesn’t suit them. That is an estimated $5,000 wasted! The return on investment after working with me is real. You could save thousands of dollars over your lifetime with the knowledge I will give you. I hope you decide you are worth it…because I know you are!

No. Every woman is unique and we all have our set of challenges. Whether your challenge is about your figure or coloring, shopping habits or other challenges, I can help you achieve your image goals. I desire to help every person understand that looking and feeling great has nothing to do with age, shape, weight or color. It has everything to do with knowing how to dress your unique design. Every person is uniquely beautiful!

Absolutely! Many of us have different weight goals, and we experience many changes throughout our lives which can affect our weight. This is exactly the time to meet with me. We need to feel and look good no matter where we are with our weight. Many of the principles that I will teach you about fit, body shape and lines will not change as you lose weight. Knowing the style and color principles for your unique figure will make you feel better and more confident no matter what.

Every client will be different depending on their needs and budget. I am well versed in the local shopping venues as well as online options, and because I am independent I do not have to shop at one particular place. Before we shop, we will discuss what we hope to find, your budget and any favorite brands or stores. We will then make a plan to utilize our time to the fullest.

Even if you absolutely abhor what’s in your closet right now and are ready to set fire to it, it’s helpful for me to see you in a few pieces. Seeing you in various garments allows me to determine not only your figure type but areas where you’re struggling with fit. And let’s face it; trying on your clothes is more comfortable for us both than having me stare at you in your underwear. If it isn’t convenient for me to see your closet, we can definitely make other arrangements.

That depends largely on what you are trying to accomplish, but generally, we will meet at a quiet location of your choice (normally your home or place of business) for the initial consultation. We’ll begin with focused discovery questions and a general evaluation. We will also reveal answers to honest self-assessments of your image, style, personality, successes and challenges. Then we’ll use a number of tools and materials to devise personalized plans for success. This isn’t a lecture; it’s a collaboration where we design solutions for you and your lifestyle. You walk away with tools to sustain the change over time and to interpret trends into a style that’s true to you.

Consultations will vary based on your topic(s) of choice, but will generally last two to three hours a session with an average of two to three sessions. Training and development sessions and seminars range in duration from 1 to 2.5 hours, depending upon the program selected. Maximum number of participants in a program is set at 25.

Absolutely. Many of my corporate sessions will be a presentation followed by a question and answer period or individual consultations, but each company is different. I will put together a customized package based on your goals, timing and budget.

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