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Executive Image Consulting

Whether or not we want to admit it, the work force is more competitive than ever! As much as we want to believe that hiring decisions are based on our experience, education, and who is best suited for the job; that is not the case at all. Image shouldn’t matter, but it does. As representatives of your company, how your employees look and behave form the first impression of your organization to the public. And, often how they present themselves can be the differentiating factor between you and your competition.

Does your best talent need to maximize their potential but lack the time, energy and expertise to refine their professional appearance? One-on-one executive image coaching provides an efficient and effective solution. The process begins with an assessment of the employee’s current style, image and executive presence and continues with a wardrobe review and guided shopping session(s). Image tools, techniques and guidelines are provided to maximize personal presence and professional impact. Your employee will be provided with a strategic, image action plan that is easy to maintain and incorporate into any daily routine. This is an excellent program for anyone in a client-facing or leadership role who is poised for promotion, needs to project and instill confidence in direct reports, or simply take their image to the next level.

Executive Image Consulting
Corporate Image Consulting

The A, B, C, D's of Your Professional Imprint


Before you ever utter a word, the other person is going to look at your clothes and immediately decide whether you have dressed appropriately for the occasion. If you show up looking like you get dressed in the dark (for example, a rumpled shirt for men), the chances are good that the other person is going to apply that perception elsewhere.


A leader is an individual who has earned the respect of others and who leads them effectively and in the right direction. It boils down to your attitude. Leadership is able to inspire at all times, and the key to this is attitude. A leader’s attitude evokes positive feelings in people. Effective leaders use influence to orient others towards their goals.


Sharing information and ideas between individuals or groups to reach a common understanding. With so many personalities, ideas, & an overload of information in the workplace, effective communication is a challenge for business owners, CEOs, & employees. Effective communication is a business toll and an essential employee attribute.

Digital Footprint

This is how you present yourself on the internet. As we move into the twenty-first century, this factor that once existed only in science fiction is becoming increasingly important. Like it or not, the Internet & social media provide new avenues for both advancing your professional imprint & for incurring damage to your reputation.


Professional Speaking

The Image Of Leadership

True leadership manifests itself in ways that are both seen and unseen. They are equally important. While all leaders have their own individual styles and personalities, it cannot be doubted that the most effective leaders who succeed over a long period of time are seen and accepted because their interior  skills and exterior  images are in perfect alignment. In others words, what you see is what you get. This speaking engagement will take you step by step through the development of your professional imprint. Learn how to stand out for the right reasons as well as leave an unparalleled and unforgettable first impression.

Personal Presence, Professional Impact

Your image speaks volumes, but what does it say? Consciously or not, people make value judgments based on your appearance, clothing, and posture. While you don’t have a choice about that, you do have a choice about the impression you choose to make. Learn how to manage the non-verbal messages you send to achieve the results you desire. Understand how to adjust your level of visual presence with the strategic use of color, style, line, and body language.

Cracking the Business Casual Dress Code

Do you ever experience confusion regarding your casual apparel? In the workplace? In your closet? While shopping? A more relaxed dress code was supposed to be easier. Ironically, traditional suits and their accessories are far less complicated. Learn how to decipher today’s casual dress code. Learn practical tips for resolving the confusion surrounding casual dress for work and play.

Color Me Confident

When you enter a store, are you often overwhelmed by all of the clothing choices? Learn how to avoid expensive clothing mistakes by choosing those pieces that are right for you. Learn about the different color seasons as well as how to “power up” using the messages that colors convey. Learn how color and silhouette can accentuate, balance or camouflage and how to best enhance your figure type.

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