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To truly know what people think of your overall image, you must observe your observer. Your image is what speaks the loudest volume when no words are being said. If you don’t focus on your image, nobody else will! The image you project to the outside world around you should be a clear representation of your personality, lifestyle, career goals an social objectives.  Our personal image consulting services will teach you how to manage your image and appearance so that you feel confident and comfortable about the image you want to project.

A personal stylist is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. Everyone can be beautiful regardless of age, shape, or size. Whether you want to update your style, enhance your image, or reinvent yourself with a makeover, We provide unparalleled services to meet your needs. We understand and recognize that sometimes seeking the help of an image consultant can be somewhat intimidating.  Haus Of Style is compromised of industry professionals who value the importance of rewarding relationships.  Our certified image consultants are inspired by your individual stories and motivation for change.  We take pride in being the leading innovator for the services we provide and guarantee our clients a successful life changing experience.  Be prepared to have an entirely new perspective about your body structure, wardrobe, image and overall appearance. Your personal image consulting service is customized to meet your personal, professional, and social needs.

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Personal Image Consulting - The Analysis Package

The Analysis Package


Personal style isn’t ‘one-size-fits-all’. From the shape of your eyes to the tone of your skin, everything that makes you unique requires a very careful assessment to ensure that you’re using the colors, patterns, shapes, and accessories that complement you the most. Your clothing doesn’t just impact the way others see you, but the way you see yourself.

This service package will help you discover:

  • Your skin tones and undertones, and which makeup fits you best.
  • The accessories (eyewear, scarves, earrings, etc.) that are ideal for your features.
  • The types and cut of clothing that most accentuate your body type.
  • Which colors best flatter you, and how you can use this to communicate ideas and show your personality.
  • The self-confidence and positivity to influence real change in your business and personal life.
Personal Image Consulting - The Style Upgrade Package

The Style Upgrade Package


We will oversee your wardrobe audit + closet organization, and personally accompany you on a pre-planned shopping trip. We will find new items within your budget so you can have a proper wardrobe that fits your personal and professional lifestyle. You’ll learn how to build & coordinate stylish, fashion-forward outfits with confidence. Our experience and intimate knowledge of where and when to get the best deals leaves you with more money in your pocket.

This service package will help you:

  • Streamline your wardrobe
  • Learn & understand line, fit, proportion, and tailoring
  • Wear only styles that flatter your body type
  • Reduce the time it takes you to get dressed in the morning
Personal Image Consulting

The Game Changer Transformation Package


We take you through the entire process from start to finish – breaking down every element of your unique look, finding what works best for you, and then rebuilding your wardrobe from the ground up. This service package is best for those who want to gain a competitive edge, lay the foundation needed to build an exceptional and unparalleled personal brand, & quickly and concisely define the authentic you & the value you bring to the world.

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