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The Transformation Package

Personal Image Consulting - The Game Changer Transformation Package
Personal Image Services

The Transformation Package

Looking to get The Analysis Package service and The Style Upgrade Package service in one go? Then our Game Changer Transformation package is perfect for you. We take you through the entire process from start to finish – breaking down every element of your unique look, finding what works best for you, and then rebuilding your wardrobe from the ground up. 

This service package will help you:

  • Gain a compeitive edge against your competition.
  • Lay the foundation needed to build an exceptional and unparalleled personal brand.
  • Quickly and concisely define the authentic you & the value you bring to the world.

This package consists of four appointment sessions.

The cost of this service package does NOT include purchases made during the personal shopping trip.

What Is Covered In This Service Package


Image Assessment

We will begin by getting to know one another. Together, we will break down your current style/image and discuss what requires attention, as well as the areas you want to focus on and your expectations of the final result. We will create a plan of action that effortlessly matches your personal, social, & business lifestyle.

We will examine your facial features and take a couple of headshot photos to identify what facial shape you are. This will allow us to know which earrings, necklaces, & collar designs will accentuate your natural beauty. We will take your measurements to identify which body type you are. This will determine what kinds of clothing, material, cuts, & patterns will help to flatter your figure.


Face & Body Shape Analysis


Hair Style Analysis

We will use the headshot photos we took during the face & body shape analysis and upload them into our image & style program. We will then use the photos to generate ideas and inspiration that will match your face and body shape which will further elevate and align the result to help bring out your inner fashionista.

We will conduct a series of color tests to determine your exact skin tone as well as which colors look best on you and help give your skin that natural, gradient glow. We will take the results of your color analysis and build a personal color fan that you be able to keep.


Color & Skin-Tone Analysis


Personalized Color Palette

The personal color fan will simplify your shopping experience and make it fast, fun, and relaxed rather than stressful and overwhelming.

Step 1 CLOSET INVENTORY – Together we will make a list of items in your closet and decide which ones to keep, fix, tailor, or donate.

Step 2 WARDROBE PLANNER – As a team, we will create coordinated outfits from the edited clothing pile that effortlessly matches your personal, social, & business lifestyle.

Step 3 ACCESSORIES – Together we will take the final action to coordinate jewelry, hats, purses, shoes, etc. with outfits.

We will take and donate the clothes we agreed to donate and return with a receipt that you can use on your taxes at the end of the year. Or we can take them to a consignment store so you can make money without having to wait until tax season.

As a bonus, we will photograph all your remaining clothing and create a virtual wardrobe which you can use to build coordinated outfits on your computer or straight from your phone.


Wardrobe Audit & Closet Organization


Outfit Building & Capsule Wardrobe Creation

We will teach you how to take a nine-piece coordinated set of clothing and create 42 separate and matched outfits. You will have the option of creating Business Casual, Business Dressy, Business to Event or Event outfits.

Together, we will visit three stores or boutiques. You will try on pieces and outfit combinations, and we will teach you why that particular selection of clothing works and how it will match the clothing in your remaining wardrobe perfectly. This is your time to stomp that runway and bring out your inner fashionista!


Personal Shopping Session (2 Hours)


Post Shopping Outfit Match-Ups

After your personal shopping trip, we will teach you how to create new outfits with the new clothes you just purchased by integrating these items into your wardrobe of clothing that you already own.


Virtual Closet


All PDFs That Come With The Previous Two Packages

You will receive the following PDF files:

  • The Fashion Color Trend Report
  • How To Mix & Match Fashion Cheat Sheet
  • Style Garment Cheat Sheet

We will create a style guide that will detail the colors, styles, cuts, patterns, and silhouettes that will match you perfectly and bring out your full potential. Included will be some fashion and style tips and tricks designed to help you get the absolute most out of your service and expand your fashion sense. Together we will review the style guide, and can answer any questions you may still have. (Everything that was covered in your consultation will be included in your style guide.)


Personalized Style Guide

Kyra Sanchez

Vice-President of Communications for a Bank

“Since my sessions with Andrew, my confidence has shot through the roof! My response at work was immediate, and my monthly revenue has increased over $5,000! I HIGHLY recommend working with Andrew!”

Package Benefits

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